How to make enemy NPC that will melee attack if you step in to his zone.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By francin

Hello, I wanted to make an AI that would attack you if you entered its area. Using the “Area” node as shown by this guy but I would need this NPC to be able to attack as well, I can’t code almost anything and I can’t program my script to attack after entering to his zones.
I would be very happy if any of you could help me.
Here is my movement code, but with it the NPC chases you all over the map.

func _physics_process(delta):

var dir = (player.translation - translation).normalized()
dir.y = 0

if translation.distance_to(player.translation) > attackDist:
	move_and_slide(dir * moveSpeed, Vector3.UP)

PS: If full code is needed I will post it.

Thank you.