How to make movement 8 way direction in Top Down View (NON ISOMETRIC)?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By PENTILMUTER

Hello, Im newbie here, and I really in level zero for gdscript, I have a animation that I made myself, here :
Idle 01 8F_EOu, idle 02 SVbbEI, Walk vgNtDb, Run PI81Q8, Attack 01A mP_ZH5, Attack 01B aj80-x, Attack 02A W10ix4, Attack 02B _C8fwT, Attack 03A bc8ZZ_, Attack 03B rjDmA4,

As you can see, my anim is top down view, not isometric, I want to make my anim in 8 way direction movement, using AnimatedSprite, like idle1, idle2, walk, run, crouch, attack1a, attack1b, attack2a, attack2b, etc; the question is, can I use AnimatedSprite, or I must use AnimationPlayer, and AnimationTree?, or i must make anim with 8 way movement? Im going here and there, but never found the solution, yes theres so many tutorial out there, but its top down with isometric spritesheet, Thanks for the answer