How to make music keep going, but stop when game over?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Spafnar

Hello, previously I had asked a question about how to make my array of songs I had attached to an AudioStreamPlayer load and play a new song after a previous one had ended in game, because the game would otherwise just go silent. I eventually figured it out because I was unaware that there was a “finished” node I could connect. This is the original code:

var _music_list = ([“the songs i saved the paths for”])
var song = _music_list[randi() % _music_list.size()]
$ = load(song)

The code I added which would allow it to keep going has since been deleted but it was pretty simply along the lines of

func onaudiostreamfinished
$ = load(song)

Now the issue with this is that it’s impossible to end the endless stream of music because when it stops it is told to play a new one. It worked well in game like I wanted it to, but because my gameover function tells the audiostreamer to stop, it starts playing anyways and overlaps with the main menu music. Is there a way to make it continually play songs in game, but definitely stop once it’s game over, and play when newgame?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: exuin

You could have a variable that keeps track of whether you want the audiostreamer to not play music, like during game overs and stuff. It should be a boolean variable. Set the variable to false when the game is over and place the code to play a new song inside an if statement that checks if the variable is true in order to play a new song. Once you start a new game, just set the variable to true and call the function that plays a new song.

I’m not very good at creating booleans and I don’t do it very often. I tried make an onready var:

onready var musicplay = $

and then put this if statement in the audiostreamfinished function:

if  game_over():
	musicplay = false

But it hasn’t changed anything. I like your idea and I think it would work but how should I make the variable you’re describing.

Spafnar | 2021-01-06 22:59

What does the game_over() function do? Does it end the game or does it check if the game is over? Instead of calling the function every time a song ends, you should just set musicplay to false when the game ends. Initialize musicplay to true instead of the return value of the play function, also.

exuin | 2021-01-07 01:23

I did it, but now i’m just shocked why it’s not working. I defined the onready var as

onready var musicplay = $

and then i replaced both the “$” lines with “musicplay = true” in both the audiostreamplayertimeout and the newgame function, and put the “musicplay = false” in the game over function. But now there is no music at all, even when removing the false script from game over.

Spafnar | 2021-01-07 06:55

You can’t set a variable to a function call like that. You should use a Boolean variable, which is literally either the word trueor false. You must set the value of the variable and call the play function separately.

exuin | 2021-01-07 07:26