How to make strategy map ?

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Hello, I always wanted to do a SMALL strategy game, but I never knew how to make a strategic map like in crusaider kings 2 or europa universalis 4, I looked at many pages and the only thing I learned was that I needed a color map of each province separately and like everything I only understood wondered how to read provinces from a particular color because e.g. in europe universalis 4 there are many map modes e.g. political map terrain map and yet when you click on provinces the game always reads provinces well and my question here is how it is done does something work? How is it even with the map mode, e.g. political where several provinces have the same color, the game knows what province it is? Thank you in advance for your answer and I have one request because I program in godot with c # language, I would like to ask for examples of scripts in this language

that’s a big task, in a game like this most of the coding is probably done in that feature. There’s a lot of different things you would have to programm. Try figuring out yourself how to, if you don’t know how to maybe just hire another programmer to do that job for you.

zen3001 | 2019-11-17 22:46

Hello! Creating a strategy game with a strategic map can be challenging, but with the right tools and techniques, it’s definitely achievable. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Use a game engine: A game engine like Godot can be very helpful in creating a strategy game with a strategic map. You can use the engine’s built-in functions and tools to create a game that runs smoothly and looks great.

Use a map editor: You’ll need to create a map for your game, and a map editor can be a helpful tool in doing so. There are many map editors available, including Tiled and Mapbox. These editors can help you create a map with provinces and other features.

Use color coding: As you mentioned, color coding can be a helpful tool in identifying different provinces on your map. You can use different colors for different provinces, and then use a script or other tool to identify which province is being clicked on.

Use scripting: Godot supports scripting in C# and other languages, which can be helpful in creating a strategy game. You can use scripts to control various aspects of your game, including the strategic map and the interaction with provinces.

As for examples of scripts in C# for Godot, there are many resources available online. Some good places to start include the Godot documentation, which has a section on scripting in C#, and the Godot community forums, where you can find examples and ask for help from other developers.

I hope these tips are helpful in creating your strategy game. Good luck!

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