how to onfigure HTTPS for my client and server

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By rodadas


i am tryng to put online my simple multiplayer game , in https , not my fault… so

when i try to play my game in the webpage it give me an error in the server:
An unspecified issue took place while processing the certificate that made it unacceptable.

in server i have a .crt and .key in the server, + used the *.crt, *.key + in export and loaded the crt file in network/ssl/certeficates

in client i have a .crt , + used the *.crt, +loaded the crt file in network/ssl/certeficates

and the code is

_client.trusted_ssl_certificate = load("res://path/to/cert")

_server.private_key = load("res://certificate/privatecrt.key");
_server.ssl_certificate = load("res://certificate/crt.crt");

what am i missing?