How to play RESET animation every time a new Animation is Played

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By AbDevTM

I’m trying to fix my player animation in such a way that Every time an animation is triggered, the RESET animation is played before that animation to fix any errors with my animation. Please I really need help on this

It looks like the RESET option is mainly (if not only) for the editor. Have you tried anything else to fix your issue? What I’ll do is have animations where the initial values in the animation track are the same as the final values. Not the best answer, but it’s worked for me before.

Ertain | 2023-06-02 23:31

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: ShatteredReality

You could just transfer all the keys from the reset animation to your other animations. Or just call play(“RESET)” before you call the animation.

See this issue:

Currently my workaround is to play RESET manually as suggested by @shatteredreality but adding extra advance to ensure the first frame is immediately used:"RESET")
# extra advance required if you do this at the end of the frame,
# e.g. in _on_animation_player_animation_finished callback,
# to avoid showing default state for 1 frame