How to ragdoll only one arm?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Favkis

Hey, I’m not understanding what kind of parameters I need to send to skeleton.physical_bones_start_simulation()
Here’s what I have:

If I simply start first function, then my ragdoll falls fully on ground and works fine. But if I do second function, it stops ragdoll compeltely. So if I just have second string  or if I have both, I don't have anything ragdolled at all.
I am 100% sure I have "phys_upperarm_l" in my skeleton, I even checked with print in case I can't see with my eyes `print(skeleton.get_node("phys_upperarm_l"))`
output is: `[PhysicalBone:1714]`

So what am I doing wrong? I don't have any stop_simulation() functions, there is nothing in my script that disables ragdolls. I added them just now and trying to figure out how to partially ragdoll a limb. 

" case I can't see with my eyes." Lmao I know your pain, family.
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:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Favkis

I foudn out, I had to write bone names, not physicalbone names in there