How to replace 3D animated mesh with a higher quality one?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By dodgyville


I have a 3D animation that works perfectly, made using a low poly version of a character.

I would like to replace that low poly mesh with the high quality mesh. They are the based on the same model (just one is low poly the other is the high quality (HQ) version).

Is it possible to do it in godot3?

I tried merging the HQ mesh into the animated Scene and then dragging it under the skeleton but it instantly vanishes. I also tried setting the mesh’s skeleton in the inspector but it is still not visible.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the low poly version mid-animation and the replacement model with the Scene tree after the merge. If I attach the new mesh to the skeleton (either via the tree, via the inspector, or both, it disappears).

I am really struggling to get a good workflow for getting 3D animation into godot but other than that it’s a great piece of software!

Low poly animated and HQ together