how to run Godot engine

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By hassan1

How I can run Godot engine in my pc

Just install it like any other app…

  • Have you tried it?
  • Do you have a specific problem?
  • If so, what is the problem?

jgodfrey | 2020-12-07 03:46

yes tried it but its not working

hassan1 | 2020-12-07 12:21

  • Do you get any errors? If so, what are they?
  • Have you tried starting Godot from a terminal window?
  • What OS (Windows, Linux, …)
  • What version of Godot did you install?
  • What hardware (basic CPU, GPU, memory info)?

jgodfrey | 2020-12-07 14:39

I want to know how debug a game running on mobile devices

hassan1 | 2020-12-07 20:20

I am waiting for your reply

hassan1 | 2020-12-08 13:36

I don’t necessarily have an answer for you. Really, I’m just trying to get you to provide enough information in your question that someone with appropriate knowledge and time might be able to help.

And, honestly, I’m not sure you’ve done that yet…

The question started out as How to run Godot on my PC and ended up with I want to know how to debug a game running on mobile devices.

Those are two very different questions (and should have been posted as 2 separate questions here in the forum), and you really haven’t provided enough info in either case for someone to effectively help you.

Regarding debugging on Android, if you search the docs for Android, you’ll find lots of resources, including info on debugging. If that’s not helpful, you need to specify what you’ve tried, what did and didn’t work, what (specific) problem you’re having, and any other details that might be helpful.

The people who answer questions here are volunteers, and are certainly busy with other things. You’re almost certainly more likely to get input from someone if you make it easy for them to provide that input. If they need to have a long, lengthy conversation with you to even get the problem defined, most are likely to just ignore your question.

jgodfrey | 2020-12-08 15:23

I searched then i know how to run but then i tried in my device but now i want to know how debug a game running on mobile devices

hassan1 | 2020-12-09 09:23