How to scale side

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By cj

I’m just starting work on the first map for a 3d game. For this map I plan to use CSG boxes. My background is in designing maps for Roblox. In Roblox, scaling is done by extruding out from a side. Does Godot have this feature or has anyone made a plugin like this?

If not, I’m tempted to make this into a plugin.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: andersmmg

I don’t think it’s extruding in Roblox, it’s just scaling. This can be done with CSG meshes, just change the scale values or use the scale tool.

The problem is, it extends both sides. I want to extend out only a single side.

cj | 2020-04-10 00:51

Yeah Godot uses the origin for scale, so it’ll scale and keep the origin in the center. It’s just one more click to move it back to where it should be. You can turn on snapping to make it easier to align. Just press Y or click the tool button.

andersmmg | 2020-04-10 01:05

It’s not a difficult task but it does add up after doing it a few hundred times (worse case, I’ll automate it; just not if I don’t have to).

cj | 2020-04-10 01:12

Yeah, that’s why it’s best to use software like Blender to build more complicated things. It wouldn’t be a good idea for the developers to put all the features of something like Blender when it already exists and it good at what it needs to be. Basic level layout and design in-engine is fine, but you’ll have a much easier time using something built for it. :wink:

andersmmg | 2020-04-10 01:21

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: andersmmg

In case you still need this, or someone comes across this.
There is a new addon in the asset library called Extend.

It seems to do just what you’re asking!

I have since been trying to get better at using Blender and have made substantial progress (and thankfully Blender has been making huge advancements in this area). I still use CSG for rapid prototyping. If it does what it says it does, absolutely! Thank you!

cj | 2020-07-04 05:24

You’re welcome! Blender really is the best option, but this addon and CSG are awesome for prototyping. Best of luck!

andersmmg | 2020-07-04 05:26