How to send a signal from one subscene to another subscene in a different scene?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By AtomCase

I am new to godot and am trying to make a simple idle game and am having problems getting my head around it. I have two scenes, one for the clickers and one for the managers. The clickers scene has subscenes of individual clickers and the managers have the same layout. I am having problems sending a signal from the manager to the clicker to set the autoclick to true. Also the entire game is made with control nodes if that makes a difference.

Here is the layout

Game - Main Scene
      -Clickers - Scene1
           -Clicker - subScene1
           -Clicker - subScene2
      -Managers - Scene 2
            -Manager - subScene1
            -Manager - subScene2

So I am trying to click Hired in Manager - subScene2 and have the autoClick to true in Clicker - subScene2.

Right now I have both major scenes loaded at the same time. I am thinking I should only load one scene at a time and have the GUI switch between Managers and Clickers scenes, but I am having a hard time finding tutorials on the best way to organize things.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: code

instead of using a signal just make use of the global node(autoload script) u just have to create a boolean variable in the global node which is false as default if u want to send signal just set the global variable to true and then set an if statement in the second scene to check if the global variable changes and so on…