How to separate a signal ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By thoma

Hi I try to separate one signal “animation_finished” but now they are connected in the same signal and I can not prioritize the animation can someone help me? please that will be appreciate :slight_smile:

function 1 :

func shoot():
if ammo !=0:
		emit_signal("ammo_changed",ammo *150/max_ammo)
		can_shoot = false
		$Player/"shoot")#prioritize the reload animation if the player was already shooting
		var pew = pewSCN.instance()
		pew.position =$Player/Position2D.global_position
		pew.rotation = $Player/Position2D.global_rotation

function 2 :

func reload_true():

yield($Player/anime,"animation_finished")#more impotant than shoot animation
reloading =false 
emit_signal("ammo_changed",ammo *150/max_ammo)

animation finished function :

func _on_anime_animation_finished():
is_attacking = false#it actually in the player script not in the level script
can_shoot =true

and finaly a short video to see the problem
the video