How to store data in the server?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By axilirate

After a server is created the the player that owns the server joins the game and and the server stores this data on his side.
Later on another player joins the server that need the data that says [The server owner is in game].

It’s easy to send that data when both players connected because the server can send it directly to another player.

what is the best way to do it?

Edit: Thats how I did that

func _ready():
	get_tree().connect("network_peer_connected", self, "_player_connected")
	get_tree().connect("network_peer_disconnected", self, "_player_disconnected")
	players[1] = 1
func _player_connected(id):
	if get_tree().is_network_server():
		players[id] = id

func _player_disconnected(id):

remote func sync_func():
	for peers in get_tree().get_network_connected_peers():
		if peers != 1:

remote func sync_players(player_data):
	players = player_data
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: supper_raptor

For my game ,I also ran into this problem and i solved this by using authoritarian model.

when a player joins a server , the player requests the server to provide data about players playing the game.

func ready():
    if is_network_master():
        rpc_id(1,"serv_get_player_data", my_id)

remote func serv_get_player_data(new_player_id):
    player_data_dict = { pname = "", pos = Vector2() , hp = 0  }
    var final_data = Array()

    var players = get_tree.get_nodes_in_group("Players")
    for i in players:
    	#duplicate dictionary
    	var data = player_data_dict.duplicate(true)
    	data.pname = i.pname
    	data.pos = i.position
    	data.hp = i.hp

    #send all player data to new player
    rpc_id(new_player_id, "new_player_recieve_data",final_data)

remote func new_player_recieve_data(data):
	for i in data:
		var p = Player.instance()
		p.position = i.pos
		p.pname = i.pname
		p.hp = i.hp

		#spawn existing player

how are you able to execute this?

 if get_tree().is_network_server():
        rpc_id(1,"serv_get_player_data", my_id)

get_tree().is_network_server(): means that it's the server and rpc_id(1) means you execute it on yourself which returns an error.

rpcp: RPC 'do' on yourself is not allowed by selected mode.

axilirate | 2020-04-05 13:17

extremely sorry

it should be is_network_master() instead of get_tree().is_network_server():

supper_raptor | 2020-04-05 17:41