How to teleport the player to position2d

I am using godot 3.6

I want to teleport kinematics2d node to position2d when kinematics2d enters in area2d in godot

Position2d named as Respawn kinematics2d named as Player and area2d named as Lava

Something like this but I can’t figure out that after the player colide with with area2d how can I teleport him to position2d

this is simple :slight_smile:

when player collide with Lava, then setup player position to respawn position

Player.position = Respawn.position

This is exactly what I wanted thanks for this and any suggestion that how can I implement fade animation in this because this is not restarting the scene so I have to pause the scene than play fade animation than resume the scene right ?

yep, fade, and then resume( respawn )

but in the future I recommend to create a better file system structure, and have a control script in the main scene. you’ll have a better time working with it than you do now

Control node for the scene root ?


Node2D maybe call Level, or Game etc. and initialize variables and declare in one place in this case