How to update/re-save all project files when moving to a new Godot version

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Ninfur

I have a smaller project that I’m using to try out the the Godot 4 alpha builds. Nearly every new release there are some tweaks to the way data is stored in scene files, shaders, materials etc. These changes are usually only visible after the file has been re-saved or re-imported.

Is there any way to update/re-save/re-import all project files without having to go through them one by one?

The quickest way I’ve found so far is to search for “tsnc” in the editors file explorer. Then open each scene one by one and hit save (ctrl+s). Then finally close them using ctrl+shift+w, or right click one tab and click “Close all tabs”.

Still really annoying for anything beyond tiny projects.

Ninfur | 2022-11-05 22:02