How to use save func in other node

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By XxcringekidxX

I am trying to make a file that I can use to save the players coins and what level that they are on I have got the variables changing but it won’t save them plz help:

Heres my code:
extends Node

var Coins = 0
var Level = “res://Scenes/Levels/World2.tscn”

var _settings = {
“Levels”: Level,
“Coins”: Coins

func _process(delta):

var Save_path = “res://Save folder/savefile.cfg”
var _config_file =

func _ready():

func save_settings():
for section in _settings.keys():
for key in _settings[section].keys():
_config_file.set_value(section, key, _settings[section][key])

func load_settings():
var error = _config_file.load(Save_path)
if error != OK:
print(“failed loading settings file.”)

for section in _settings.keys():
	for key in _settings[section].keys():
		_config_file.get_value(section, key)
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: h0rn

Hey there,

I’m new to the forum so please excuse formatting issues.

You are trying to save parts of your data to parts of the file. May I suggest you drop that, because the file won’t be very large if you “just” save a small amount of values. Just load and save the whole config-dictionary.

So let’s say you have the root node, put in the _ready function:

func _ready():
	var config = load_config();
	# If no config is present, initialize default values
	# this is just an example
	if config == null:
		config = {
			Levels = [
					Name = "Forrest_01",
					Result = "completed",
					Percent_Complete = "78"
					Name = "Desert_03",
					Result = "failed",
					Percent_Complete = "8"
			Coins = "12700",
			LivesLeft = "3"
		# and save that default to a new file

For this to work, you need the two functions load and save config:

func load_config():
	# Check if there is a saved file
	var file =
	if not file.file_exists("user://saved_game.sav"):
    	print("No file saved!")
	# Open existing file
	if"user://saved_game.sav", File.READ) != 0:
    	print("Error opening file")
	# Get the config
	var config = {}
	config = parse_json(file.get_line())
	return config
func save_config(config):
	# Open a file
	var file =
	if"user://saved_game.sav", File.WRITE) != 0:
	    print("Error opening file")
	# Save the dictionary as JSON (or whatever you want, JSON is convenient here because it's built-in)
	# Here are two debug lines:
	print("Saved config:")
	print (to_json(config))
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: johnygames

I see that you do the following in the _process() function:

var Savepath = "res://Save folder/savefile.cfg
var _configfile =

So, maybe you are creating a new file on every tick of the game? Try to put those lines outside the scope of the _process() function, most preferably in the beginning where you initialize the other variables.

Also, I know there is a thing with Python, where, if you do a for loop like:

for section in _settings.keys():

instead of:

for section in range(len(_settings.keys())):

then you cannot override the variables, meaning you cannot change their value directly. Maybe it’s the same with GDscript.