How would I replicate a 2.5D background as in Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone?

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I am attempting to replicate a kind of background where these water layers move like this:Image showing one box on the left with a figure in the center, falling and looking down toward a blue rectangle, where a red line linked to the text "Water Line" is seen at the bottom; there is also an image to the right with a figure near the bottom of the screen, looking up at a similar blue rectangle to before, where the red line linked to the text "Water Line" is now seen at the top of the rectangle.

EDIT: Apparently the Imgur link does not want to show, so here it is: How do I add this in Godot? - Album on Imgur

I would normally think of using multiple of the ParallaxLayer node, but it would keep moving depending on player movement, and would easily break. If anyone knows how to do this, may it be via pure GDScript or plugins, it would be greatly appreciated!