HTTPRequest fails in HTML5 export

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RebiDesi
extends HTTPRequest

var Address = ""

var JsonGet

func _ready():
    connect("request_completed", self, "_requested")

func _request_json():

func _requested(Result, ResponseCode, Headers, Body):
    var Json = JSON.parse(Body.get_string_from_utf8())
    JsonGet = Json.result
    get_parent().get_node("Test").text = str(JsonGet)

This is my code, and it works just fine both in the built-in tester and in desktop exports, but when exporting to HTML5 it just turns up null.
It gives me a result 4 for some reason (Request failed due to connection (read/write) error.)
Any help?

Is Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * set on the remote site? otherwise it will be blocked by the CORS policy (you will see the error on the console).

eons | 2022-04-12 00:50