Husband and wife team are developing a pixel point-and-click where you play as a supermarket call Checkout: Cashier Simulator

Howdy! This is our first game, all built on Godot of course (version 4). We just launched a demo on our steam page if you’d like to try our game out. If it’s something that piques your interest then be sure go add us to your wishlist!
Checkout: Cashier Simulator Trailer

Let us know if you have any art, design, program, on general questions!


The art is good but I think the background floor is not looking good

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try out a few different versions.

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This looks great! Love the idea and can definitely picture the gameplay.

The main checkout screen in the trailer is a bit hard to read. I’m sure it makes sense when playing but I wasn’t really sure where to look at in the trailer/screenshot.

I think making the score multipliers and even the score itself pop a bit more would help, don’t be afraid to add more “juice” to those elements (think of how Balatro does it).

Also besides a score number I wasn’t able to tell how well the player in the trailer was doing. Is the queue a factor? Or just needing to meet highscore thresholds? could there be a little progression bar to show the current goal?

I know these notes are abit nitpicky but it would make it easier to grasp whats going on when just seeing 5secs of the trailer footage.

I really like the idea on talking to colleagues etc. on breaks in between rounds. Just put this on my wishlist as well.

Hey! Thanks for all the feedback!

I agree the main checkout screen is hard to read in the trailer. I wanted to zoom in on specific elements to emphasize them, but a lack of hardware, editing software, and general knowledge resulted in a simpler trailer. I will definitely take these notes into account for our future trailers.

I’m a huge fan of Balatro’s UI effects, so I will definitely take a closer look during the polish phase. As far as the gameplay goes, we’re aiming for a more casual, leisurely pace, which is why there is a lack of elements to press the player. Currently, the goal is to earn as many points as possible before the clock ends. With some of your notes, we’ll look into adding more information through the UI.

Thanks again for all the feedback and wishlist additions! We appreciate it so much!

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