I cant Export My Game in Any Platforms!!! All export Don't work!

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Fasasoftware

Dear friend,
there’s a big bug here!!! I can’t work with godot because don’t export anything…or better exports the files… but when lunch nothing happend in my mac…I have tryed to export for the other plotform with out success…My computer is an IMac i3 16gb ram ,1tb ssd hard disk ,10.13.6 system High Sierra…
Can you help me please??? It will be an update???

Thanks a lot…

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: wombatstampede

First you need to download and install the export templates.
These can be downloaded from inside the Godot IDE or downloaded i.e. from a browser and then installed from file inside godot. I propose this method as the file is quite big.

Download from here:

On that page select “Export Template (Standard)”.

Please note, that this download is for the most current version by default. This is Godot 3.1. So make sure that you use Godot 3.1 or obtain the templates for an older version (i.e. Godot 3.0.6).

Once the download is complete go into Godot and select “Manage Export Templates” and install the templates from the downloaded file. Then proceed to add exports for the platforms you want to export to.

Read more about this on:

If you’ve got any more problems. Then please tell us exactly where problems occured and ideally add a screenshot.

DEAR wombatstampede ,
the problem is Godot exporter 3.1.tpz
This file don’t work well!!! I can export it, make the final exe…in my case on a mac…but when i lunch the application nothing happend…the game don’t start!!!
Why?? possible that i am alone with this problem???
But also the other method for me don’t work…
In addition… godot.3.1. cant permit me to change exporter from 3.1 and exporter 3.0.6!!!

Can sombody help me???

Fasasoftware | 2019-04-05 15:05

Ok, you are developing on Mac OSX ?
And your project runs in the Godot IDE on Mac OSX but not when exported?

And when you’re exporting to Mac OSX.
The result should be a *.zip not an .exe (that would be Windows).

Did you try to make and export a simple GLES2 test project? Just a 3d cube + light + camera, no textures. Does that work?

When I open an exported MacOSX project (from the Finder). Then OSX first unzips the zip and opens a finder window which also shows the app. Then I click on the app and (here) it runs.

You can also try to open the app from the command line maybe that reveals a bit.
open -a "My Appname.app" >output.txt 2>&1
(Fill in your app name) That should redirect all output to the file output.txt. But it will only have content if OSX itself has a problem launching the app.

wombatstampede | 2019-04-06 11:03

Dear wombatstampede,

I’ M SORRY…I have tested the export with another game…and it’s worked fine… i’m sorry again…but in any case i don’t know why the game i’m tring to play…don’t work with the export …i’ll try to rebuild it with visual script…Bye Lestroso

Fasasoftware | 2019-04-06 14:01

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: jacob975

I guess it is because the main scene of your project is not defined.
Please open your project, and click “project” on the top bar.
“Project Settings…” > “General” > “Main Scene”, Then select your main scene.
Thus, the game you export will start with that scene.