i have an issue to build export for android get this msg - plz help

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ahmedyounis

when i put this command in terminal (linux mint)
[scons platform=android target=release ]

get this msg

scons: Reading SConscript files …
No valid target platform selected.
The following platforms were detected:

Please run SCons again with the argument: platform=
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets …
scons: `.’ is up to date.
scons: done building targets.

how can i install it

thank you in advance

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: eons

You need to set up the android sdk environment variables so scons can detect it.

Look here for details

yes im already add it to environment , i give it user permission and detect android
and windows - this is worked for me in master build . it have more issues

now i downloaded stable version from main download site

try to export simple 2d scene and worked, but 3d scene interior project not worked
and give me this issue for linux version

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: GeForce GT 630M/PCIe/SSE2
ERROR: load_source_code: Condition ’ err ’ is true. returned: err
At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:792.
ERROR: load: Condition ’ err != OK ’ is true. returned: RES()
At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:1856.
ERROR: _load: Failed loading resource: res://Scene Root02.gd
At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:186.
ERROR: poll: res://MainLiving.tscn:3 - Parse Error: [ext_resource] referenced nonexistent resource at: res://Scene Root02.gd
At: scene/resources/scene_format_text.cpp:439.
ERROR: load: Condition ’ err != OK ’ is true. returned: RES()
At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:149.
ERROR: _load: Failed loading resource: res://MainLiving.tscn
At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:186.
ERROR: start: Failed loading scene: res://MainLiving.tscn
At: main/main.cpp:1688.
WARNING: cleanup: ObjectDB Instances still exist!
At: core/object.cpp:1989.
ERROR: clear: Resources Still in use at Exit!
At: core/resource.cpp:418.

and windows exe file also give me window with godot logo and close immediately
and the same with android apk

i lose more time for end my project and go on but EVERY STEP IS Disappointed ME

this is scene i work on and prefer to export before i complete it found the right way :slight_smile:

ahmedyounis | 2018-08-26 22:22

sorry … i must (thank you) for your reply …

ahmedyounis | 2018-08-26 22:23

Be careful on using spaces (and other special characters) on file and folder names because some systems may use different encoding and fail while trying to load files.

And keep in mind that non windows systems (Including Godot’s resource filesystem) are case sensitive so be sure to name files correctly respecting the uppercase and lowercase.

eons | 2018-08-26 23:03

this is setup for android

im try to put jarsigner 1- from bin ----> get error (jarsigner returned with error #1)
2-from jdk1.8.0_181 source i downloaded -----> not get errors [although i get it from bin when i right which jarsigner terminal command] like in attached image
screen shot 01
export screen shot not found any error
export screen shot

and when deploy the game start export and install to mobile after run install button from my mobile
run godot screen logo and suddenly stop and get error game and need to report

my mobile is xiaomi mi max

thanks in advance

ahmedyounis | 2018-08-28 18:28

You can use adb logcat to see system output and try to locate the error.

And “close on startup” is a common behavior on Adreno devices which I think is the case of that xiaomi (GLES3 support is not complete/buggy and godot crashes).

eons | 2018-08-28 22:48

im not expert in adb errors and i read more about Adreno devices but i don’t know about it also
when i write adb logcat get more and more lines

what can i do for know the error

eons, thank you very much for your reply and help


ahmedyounis | 2018-08-30 18:03

There are some flags you can use to reduce logcat verbosity
Logcat command-line tool  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers

But using android studio may be easier, with the device connected you can get the output there, or even run the apk on the device from the ide too.

eons | 2018-08-31 10:51

i must thank you for trying help me (eons)

really im take more time to solve all issues i faced but not succeeded , i was want to export to windows and android - installed emulator and create the device - the godot detect it but when install and get icon on device get black screen and stop exactly like my xiaomi device

and when try to compile windows platform exporter also get error on terminal and stop

any way thank you very much :slight_smile:

ahmedyounis | 2018-09-08 22:31