I wanted to be a part of this community but it seems impossible

These posts are flagged as spam?

I want to be a part of this community but it is basically impossible if you consider this as spam

Hello @adefwebserver,

We are constantly under a lot of spam from bot accounts, so we have to keep the settings on the safe side for protecting the community at large.

Your newly created account made a post that was extremely short and had two links in it, which matches what most bots do when they get through the account creation spam detection.

The initial post was not removed and just needed a moderator to approve, and when a mod was online reviewed it and approved it.

The replay on that post includes a bit.ly link to it, which some users might not be super happy to click on because of the tracking involved, but still, was approved and marked as not spam.

But if this seems like something that would prevent you from participating on the community there are many other spaces that might be more suited for you: Godot Engine - Community



I appreciate your reply. I use bit.ly for my link because it would not allow me to post a link directly to my blog post. This is why I used the words “I am unable to participate”.

I understand the concerns of spam, but perhaps blocking users who violate the rules would better serve the purpose?

As already explained, you were not blocked. The spam detection just put your first post under review, and it was approved. We get a few dozen spam posts each day, so we really need to impose limits on new accounts. The specific ones you triggered were:

  • posted very fast after registration
  • links to two urls
  • links to one unknown url
  • short post body

These usually are a good indicator for spam. But we don’t just blindly trust the system, so instead of outright removing it, we have a queue for manual review.

Also keep in mind that as you use the forum, your status from “new user” changes. So by now you have read a few posts, liked a few things, and so on. So now the system does not consider you “new” anymore, so the anti-spam system will not be triggered as easily. You can post whatever links you want now that you are not new anymore.

And if in doubt, you can always contact us mods if a post of yours get’s blocked, we can always adjust your permissions to allow more. We just really need to be vigilant about the spam bots, as they made the old Q&A platform unusable.

As for blocking the users who violate the rules: Yes, we do that. If an account posts actual spam, then the post is not approved and the user is blocked from the platform.