i18n.csv - Translation file "ERR_CANT_OPEN"

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By HaleyHalcyon

I have a CSV file exported from a Google Sheets document that contains the localized strings. However, I just can’t get Godot to load the resource.

It gives me the error “Failed loading resource: res://i18n/i18n.csv. Make sure resources have been imported by opening the project in the editor at least once.”

I’ve saved the file encoded as UTF-8 without byte order mark, but Godot doesn’t accept it. I’ve also deleted it and re-added it from the Localization tab in Project Settings, but it doesn’t work either; TranslationServer.get_loaded_locales() returns an empty Array.

What’s going on?

For reference, here is the file in question.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Lopy

Whenever the Editor sees a .csv, it will attempt to create corresponding .translation files, one per language found in the .csv. (If none is generated, check that your .csv is valid).

Once you have your .translation, you add those in the localization tab (.csv is listed as accepted in the file chooser dialog, but selecting one does not seem to do anything).