if body.is_in_group() only works after second check

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Guiguis_Galdis

Hello, I programmed a bullet that disappears when hitting a door, but it only works with the second bullet and so on, why not with the first shot?

Here is my code:

extends Sprite

onready var player = get_tree().get_root().get_node("World/Player")
var velocity = Vector2()

func _ready():
	$Area2D.connect("body_entered", self, "on_Area2D_entered")
func _process(delta):

func move(delta):
	global_position += velocity * delta

func on_Area2D_entered(body):
	if body.name == "Player":
		player.alive = false
	elif body.is_in_group("doors"):

I cannot see anything wrong with your code! Can you provide an example project?

njamster | 2020-06-14 17:47