I'm currently studying Godot engine

Godot 3.5.3

Hello. I’m studying the Godot engine and created a test room specifically for this purpose.


Looks nice. What can you share about you process?

What did you learn that you wish you knew earlier?

What was your biggest challenge?

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Thanks. My goal is to make unrealistic, at least slightly pleasant 3D graphics in Godot, acceptable for both large and small spaces within the game world. The screenshot shows a lightmap without dynamic lighting.

Well, in general, I already knew a lot, because I switched to Godot from Unity3D. I would like to know in advance that there is no shadowmask\distance shadowmask in godot. :sweat_smile:

The hardest thing was to understand what post-processing shaders needed to be written to improve the graphics. :thinking:


I have almost completed a module for blender that automates manipulations with image nodes. It simulates layers using texture masks. Using the module, I can quickly add layers, enable/disable layers, change the resolution of masks, change the tiling of surface textures, select brush settings to add or remove a mask, change the order of layers, switch to drawing surface textures, and most importantly, I can export the result to in the form of a Godot surface shader along with textures.

I’m only using albedo textures for now, but it’s not hard to add other types of textures if needed. :sunglasses:

Thats pretty sweet. Is it intended for use in conjunction with Godot specifically? Or a more general audience as well?

Hi. I made the module for myself because I was tired of moving nodes manually. I hope this will help me in the future.:slightly_smiling_face:

The only thing related to Godot is the shader export function, but I can write another export function to another engine(or whatever) if necessary.

I wonder if there is a list of Godot related blender addons somwhere. I have made some small tools as well (or modified someones to be more Godot friendly).

I havent looked, but itd be nice if there were some compendium of them all to browse.

Have you ever made an import script or plugin for Godot?

Thats what I did for one of my blender tools.

I optimized the output from blender fo rmy purpose in Godot, then made an import script in Godot for it.

So I use blender tool → export → import into Godot → use reimport feature to use custom script on import.

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It would be nice. I want to create an import plugin for godot. But I have no idea how to do this yet.

I would start with just making an import script that you use from the reimport tab. You can reuse that to make your plugin, but it is less work because you dont have to learn the plugin part.

When I have time, I can upload the one I made.

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I made it into a repo just for you.

I included an example gltf to use the script on.