I'm facing a problem in my game and I can't solve it. What should I do?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Montasir Raihan

Hello everyone, I’m making a top down 2D survival game where the player needs to survive by killing zombies and creeps. I made a timer named “ZomTimer” which spawns zombies and creeps when the time runs out. But after a certain amount of kills, the timer stops functioning and doesn’t spawn zombies and creeps. I checked my codes over and over again to catch the error but I found nothing. What kind of problem is this? And how do I solve it? Please help me to fix this problem. Here’s the code to help you understand the problem:

 onready var lifepack = get_node("/root/Main/Level/LifePack")

 func _ready():

 func _on_ZomTimer_timeout():
     $Path2D/PathFollow2D.offset = randi()
     var Zombie = zombie.instance()
     add_child_below_node(lifepack, Zombie, false)
     Zombie.position = $Path2D/PathFollow2D.position
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Inces

I don’t see what in this code is responsible for restarting this timer over and over ? Is any other node affecting the timer or is it just set on constant loop ? Or does it just spawn creeps once and than breaks ? You said it stop working after some amount of kills, but is there any connection between zombie deaths and timer reset ?

Umm that’s a lot of question.

But yes, after the player reaches 75 kills the game spawns a boss named Super Creep and I wanted to pause the timer until the player kills it. The timer will come back to normal when the Super Creep dies. Just Like this:

if kill % 75 == 0 and kill != 0:
   $Path2D/PathFollow2D.offest = randi()
   $SuperCreep.position = $Path2D/PathFollow2D.position
   $ZomTimer.paused = true

And when the boss dies:

$ZomTimer.paused = false

But somehow, I couldn’t pause the timer when the boss appears so I followed this method:

if kill % 75 == 0 and kill != 0:
   $Path2D/PathFollow2D.offest = randi()
   $SuperCreep.position = $Path2D/PathFollow2D.position

And when the boss dies


Montasir Raihan | 2021-02-28 15:09

Wait, so Your problem is Timer stopping forever after killing certain amount of creeps. Is it this 75 amount ?
Because You coded to stop the Timer when You kill 75 creeps, and then You stop it again after killing the boss… So is there anything coded to restart it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Inces | 2021-02-28 15:50

Sorry, I wrote the code wrong here, After the boss dies the timer starts. It was just a writing mistake.

Montasir Raihan | 2021-02-28 17:52

But the kill amount is not fixed. Sometimes the timer stops forever after 1 or 2 kills or sometimes 142 kills. It’s not fixed.

Montasir Raihan | 2021-02-28 17:54

I mean the kill amount changes randomly.

Montasir Raihan | 2021-02-28 18:01

Well there must be something influencing timers, maybe undirectly. What happens when regular zombie dies ? Can You debug how is the timer stopped ? In what position ? At worst You could print its time-left in process()

Inces | 2021-02-28 21:42