Implementing a more realistic sound engine and what GodotEngine can do.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Alniroza

Note: English aint my native language.

Context of the project: I want to make a topdown action videogame accessible for blind people, so its need a good audio system so the player can sense from where the sound is coming using earphones.

Right now i somewhat understand the capabilities of AudioStream2D and that the sound is played on the earphones respect to the viewport.
But i also need extra features like that the sound cant be heard from between thick walls, different characters with different hearing capabilities, etc.

Right now AudioStream2D has Attenuation and MaxDistance properities, but those prop arent inherents to the character thats listening, so, how can i make a properity that represent the player hearing capability and how the sound Increases (or Attenuate) when it reach the character? also, how can i make walls stop sound or even reflect it?
what else would need a game like this?

For question 1, i thought maybe using an Area2D that defines what the character can hear, and also an Area2D for the sound distance, but i dont really like this solution, sound too expensive.

For question 2 i really have no idea.

There is any other node that can help me to achive this??
Or, Any suggestion or tips to implement this??

Hey, we should talk! I’m a totally blind developer building an accessibility plugin that you might find useful, and I’m also struggling with Godot’s audio system.

My current plan is to use the 3-D audio nodes in a 2-D game, syncing their positions/rotations with the 2-D nodes and 0ing out the other axis. Unfortunately I can’t even get the simplest of 3-D audio nodes to play, and don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Anyhow, sorry to hijack your question and not give you an answer, but I was surprised to show up here intending to ask about my audio issues, only to discover someone else building an accessible game! It might be nice to collaborate on some of the lower-level details of Godot accessibility and improved audio while building our respective games, so let me know if you’re interested in working together on that, and I’ll happily share my non-functional (but hopefully nearly functional :slight_smile: audio sync code. Would also be nice to get some additional testing on my accessibility plugin, which you’ll likely need if building a game UI.

nolan | 2019-09-25 06:03

Hi men, thanks for your answer! Yeah, i would definitely like to collaborate with you, but really dont know how much i will be able to help you, but when can talk more deeply by other means, send me an email to so i can talk more about my project and you about yours, and maybe we both could help each other!.

Also,still make your question on the Q&A to see if someone helps with your doubts (or maybe mines hehe)


Alniroza | 2019-09-25 13:22