In Godot where can i edit textures linked to by model files?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By mzoltan32

I have downloaded a fish blend model with texture where in the blend file i seem to find the texture setup selected but it doesnt render with texture, i asked a question on blender forum. however i cant even seem to find the texture setup in godot (after i tryed with gltf export from blender)

fish model and texture i downloaded

i simply opened the blend file in blender seen there is a texture setup although unable to render the texture, exported with texture to gltf embedded file and added to a new tscn the file in godot, where i cant seem to find texture option.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Lopy

Not sure if you already did from the question, but make sure that you can see the textures properly in Blender (rendered mode). You can change those in Godot, but having default ones properly set up

Exporting meshes can be difficult, if one format does not work for you, try using another one, like .glb or “better collada”.

When you first open something exported from blender, you will be asked to use it directly, or create a scene out of it.
If you use it as is, you can not edit your file through the Editor, but reexporting from Blender will update well (you may need to restart Godot).
If you generate a Scene from it, you can change anything, like the Textures inside the Meshes, from the property editor to the right.