In my resources, Godot duplicate a directory but with lowercase name, causing problems

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By kisis

So I’ve ran against a frustrating problem.

Whenever I open my project and test my game (launching it with Godot), a specific directory inside my resources files is duplicated (to be precise, it is the “Scenes” directory), but with a lowercase name : “scenes”.

When I open the duplicated directory with an external program, it just opens the initial directory.

Because I have some scripts with class_names, this causes compile error the second time I try to test my game inside Godot, throwing an “hides a global script class” bug.

Whenever I quit Godot and go back, the duplicated directory has disappeared.

Do anyone have a thought on this ?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kisis

The problem was that some scene dependencies were pointing to incorrect “scenes” with a lowercase.
This occurred because of a refacto of the “scenes” folder, which was renamed into “Scenes”. Some dependencies link weren’t updated following this renaming.

To fix this behavior, I manually changed the dependencies inside of all .tscn files with a text editor.

You could also fix it by changing the dependencies of each scenes inside Godot (right click > something something dependencies).