Independant cameras for VR

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By AceScottie1

I am looking for a way to split the left-right camera for vr so i can put them in differente world positions but still keep the tracking the same.
This is for an eye training project for amblyopia, so i would like to render certian objects only on 1 eye or the other.

Did you ever figure out how to achieve this?

I intent to display stereoscopic 360° images. The basic idea is to show 2 equirectangular images on 2 UV-spheres, position 2 cameras inside the spheres, then ignore the HMD position and only use rotation to point the cameras in sync.

A sphere could be parented to the ARVRCamera node as a workaround for keeping it centered, but that still doesn’t solve the problem of targeting both eyes separately.

Tak | 2021-11-05 20:10

Hi, have you found a way to do what AceScottie1 wanted?
I’m making a stereo panoramas, too.

VadimLedyaev | 2022-07-17 07:32