Index p_idx = 0 is out of bounds (shapes.size() = 0) error

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ViniciosLugli

I’m having this error during my game:

E 0:00:21.967   is_shape_set_as_disabled: FATAL: Index p_idx = 0 is out of bounds (shapes.size() = 0).
  <C++ Source>  servers/physics_2d/collision_object_2d_sw.h:153 @ is_shape_set_as_disabled()

I suppose it is something related to the objects in the scene, which are considerable, but I do not understand what the problem would be, the size of any of them, position, collision …
If anyone can help me I will be very gratefu

Weirdly enough recently had that error but sadly can’t remember how to fix it.
Might have something to do with setting a property of an item from an array

Wakatta | 2020-11-21 01:27