"Instantiated scenes cannot become root". How to extend a scene to add say a camera to a Character scene?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By nwgdusr999

Confused why “Instantiated scenes cannot become root”? Say I have a scene ‘Character’, which contains everything for every character in the game, why couldn’t I use Character scene as the root node for a Player scene?

As I was imagining; Player would have had the Character scene as the root of its own scene, and I’d have added a Camera to follow the character and a gdscript extending the Character script to add input functions. But it’s not possible to add a scene as root of another scene… Gives error: “Instantiated scenes cannot become root”.

Basically; I don’t want a Player node to ‘contain’ a Character scene… I want to extend the Character Scene so that I can add a Camera node to the Character, and give it a script which will extend the Character script. Is this even doable?