invalid call nonexistent function'set_fixed_process'in base 'kinematicBody2D (

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By profjerriomar

This script was from program 2.1, I tried using it in 3.0 and gave the following error:

invalid call nonexistent function’set_fixed_process’in base 'kinematicBody2D (

The script is this:

extends KinematicBody2D

# This is a simple collision demo showing how
# the kinematic controller works.
# move() will allow to move the node, and will
# always move it to a non-colliding spot,
# as long as it starts from a non-colliding spot too.

# Member variables
const GRAVITY = 500.0 # Pixels/second

# Angle in degrees towards either side that the player can consider "floor"
const WALK_FORCE = 600
const WALK_MIN_SPEED = 10
const WALK_MAX_SPEED = 200
const STOP_FORCE = 1300
const JUMP_SPEED = 200

const SLIDE_STOP_VELOCITY = 1.0 # One pixel per second
const SLIDE_STOP_MIN_TRAVEL = 1.0 # One pixel

var velocity = Vector2()
var on_air_time = 100
var jumping = false

var prev_jump_pressed = false

func _fixed_process(delta):
	# Create forces
	var force = Vector2(0, GRAVITY)
	var walk_left = Input.is_action_pressed("move_left")
	var walk_right = Input.is_action_pressed("move_right")
	var jump = Input.is_action_pressed("jump")
	var stop = true
	if (walk_left):
		if (velocity.x <= WALK_MIN_SPEED and velocity.x > -WALK_MAX_SPEED):
			force.x -= WALK_FORCE
			stop = false
	elif (walk_right):
		if (velocity.x >= -WALK_MIN_SPEED and velocity.x < WALK_MAX_SPEED):
			force.x += WALK_FORCE
			stop = false
	if (stop):
		var vsign = sign(velocity.x)
		var vlen = abs(velocity.x)
		vlen -= STOP_FORCE*delta
		if (vlen < 0):
			vlen = 0
		velocity.x = vlen*vsign
	# Integrate forces to velocity
	velocity += force*delta
	# Integrate velocity into motion and move
	var motion = velocity*delta
	# Move and consume motion
	motion = move(motion)
	var floor_velocity = Vector2()
	if (is_colliding()):
		# You can check which tile was collision against with this
		# print(get_collider_metadata())
		# Ran against something, is it the floor? Get normal
		var n = get_collision_normal()
		if (rad2deg(acos(, -1)))) < FLOOR_ANGLE_TOLERANCE):
			# If angle to the "up" vectors is < angle tolerance
			# char is on floor
			on_air_time = 0
			floor_velocity = get_collider_velocity()
		if (on_air_time == 0 and force.x == 0 and get_travel().length() < SLIDE_STOP_MIN_TRAVEL and abs(velocity.x) < SLIDE_STOP_VELOCITY and get_collider_velocity() == Vector2()):
			# Since this formula will always slide the character around, 
			# a special case must be considered to to stop it from moving 
			# if standing on an inclined floor. Conditions are:
			# 1) Standing on floor (on_air_time == 0)
			# 2) Did not move more than one pixel (get_travel().length() < SLIDE_STOP_MIN_TRAVEL)
			# 3) Not moving horizontally (abs(velocity.x) < SLIDE_STOP_VELOCITY)
			# 4) Collider is not moving
			velocity.y = 0.0
			# For every other case of motion, our motion was interrupted.
			# Try to complete the motion by "sliding" by the normal
			motion = n.slide(motion)
			velocity = n.slide(velocity)
			# Then move again
	if (floor_velocity != Vector2()):
		# If floor moves, move with floor
	if (jumping and velocity.y > 0):
		# If falling, no longer jumping
		jumping = false
	if (on_air_time < JUMP_MAX_AIRBORNE_TIME and jump and not prev_jump_pressed and not jumping):
		# Jump must also be allowed to happen if the character left the floor a little bit ago.
		# Makes controls more snappy.
		velocity.y = -JUMP_SPEED
		jumping = true
	on_air_time += delta
	prev_jump_pressed = jump

func _ready():
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kidscancode

The function name is _physics_process() in Godot 3.0. You also don’t need to explicitly call set_physics_process(true) as Godot 3.0 will execute the callback by default if it’s present.

There are a very large number of changes to GDScript and the API from 2.1 to 3.0. The API docs and autocomplete are your best friends for finding this stuff out. Not to self-promote, but I did make a video summarizing some of the biggest changes:

You can also take a look at this: GitHub - dploeger/godot-migrationnotes: Migration notes for Godot 2 => 3

Also there are a couple of demos as templates on the asset lib that can be downloaded from the project manager if you need examples of scripts for 3.0.

eons | 2018-02-03 15:58