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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By compassdevs

Good day everyone,

I need some help with the Game Center in iOS.

Ok, the singleton is present (i can check it), but after that everything i do on the return value got to “null” anybody had experienced such thing? I’ll post some code:

func init() → bool:
# Check if plugin was added to the project
if Engine.has_singleton(“GameCenter”):
GCenter = Engine.get_singleton(“GameCenter”)
print("Game Center Singleton Present ", GCenter) # HERE I CAN CHECK AND OK

#from here any var returns “null”

var GC_AUTH=GCenter.is_authenticated()
if GC_AUTH :
print(“Game Center Authenticated!”)
var GC_Auth_result = GCenter.authenticate()
print("Authenticate ",GC_Auth_result)
if GC_Auth_result[“type”]==“authentication” :
if GC_Auth_result[“result”]==“ok”:
print(“Game Center Authenticated!”)
if GC_Auth_result[“result”]==“error”:
var error=GC_Auth_result[“error_code”]
print("Game Center NOT Authenticated!, Error Code : ",error)
return GC_Autenthicated


I went deeper, and i think it doesn’t generate any event response.

Is this a BUG? anybody had success with Game Center in Godot 3.2.1?


compassdevs | 2021-07-27 02:14