Is Godot not recommended for a product text sim for a beginner?

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Question (is Godot not recommended for a product text sim for a beginner?)

after experimenting with Godot for a few days like making a simple platformer
(Which really made me happy but it’s really not the game that I wanted to make)

I wanted to make a Game Dev Tycoon, Game Dev Story type of Game as my first challenging project…

but I don’t really see any tutorial for it other than hundreds of idle tycoons and Cookie clickers on YouTube and other sites.

are there any tutorials or guides available out there?

It’s not that it’s “not recommended”, it’s probably that genre you want to find a tutorial on is too specific/niche. I think it’s doable because what is Game Dev tycoon if not just a bunch of menus and numbers changing.

It still might turn out too complex at the end, however, I do still think there is a lot of learning can be made from it (like UI). So I would recommend to split one small idea out of the concept and make a demo for it. Demo to learn how to build UI, demo to learn how to chain menus, demo how to save info, etc.

After these demos if you come back to making a product text sim, you will be really prepared! And if you wont - you still will learn a lot that will be usable in other projects.

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