Is Godot's VR Development capabilities comparable to that of Unity's?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By bodicpen

Hey. I’ve been on Godot for 8 months now and really don’t see a reason to switch to other game engines until recently, I’ve joined a group which primarily deals with the development of VR/AR Games and they use Unity. I gotta say, trying to learn C# and dealing with a new environment is so difficult and frustrating. The mindset of a developer in Godot would have to be changed when developing in Unity and I feel like Unity’s interface in general is overwhelming compared to Godot’s which is so much simpler.

So, I just like to know if learning Unity just for the sake of developing VR/AR Games is worth it than sticking with Godot.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: potato

This post might have useful info:

Unity’s definitely gonna have more support and performance because more people are using it for VR. However, in my case it would still make sense to pick Godot, because my projects’ bottleneck is typically development time / motivation, and Godot saves a lot of time at development and helps me stay motivated. (In my case, I have more practice with Unity than Godot, so it’s not just familiarity with one or the other.)

Here’s a pair of recent Godot VR tutorials I thought looked good:

Godot 3 - Add a VR Controller to the TPS Demo Project

Godot VR Weapons Tutorial - 7 part video on how to make a VR shooting range: