Is Integrated GPU ok for 3D Godot 3 game making and testing?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Sdhy

Hi. I might buy a cheap refurbished Windows laptop. I use Blender for asset-making.

I read this, which concerns me cuz of my desired budget:

But someone said their 5 yr old laptop with 8GB RAM and an integrated gpu runs fine (Intel ivy bridge cpu). But their games aren’t very complex right now, and they’re not using Windows.

What are your laptop’s specs? How “demanding” is your 3D game? Does everything run smoothly?

My game will be:

  • a 3D multiplayer fighting esports game

  • up to 3vs3 or maybe even 5vs5

  • everyone uses USB gamepads / joysticks (either hooked up to a USB hub or LAN play).

  • smooth and lagless gameplay is more important than fancy graphics or number of objects (no armies like LoL)

  • there can be projectiles flying around, though.

What score should I aim for?

I have a laptop with an integrated AMD gpu that is about as good as current Intel integrated gpus and I’d recommend against developing 3D games with it. Even in fairly simple examples like the 3D platformer demo, framerates are very low when running from the editor and still less than 30 fps even in the exported version (it is possible for a game to be simpler than this demo, it just depends on what you’re doing). Maybe you can just purchase the laptop and return it if you can’t run some of the Godot 3D demos, depending on the return policy. A discrete gpu is definitely worth it though, even a very low end one or one from 2 or 3 years ago. As for your list of things you want the game to have, only things that have vertices and things like lighting/shaders will have a significant effect on smoothness of gameplay.

Socrates | 2018-07-18 02:19