Is it even possible to implement generation of terrain and roads on Godot Engine?

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I was inspired by the terrain and road generation from the game The Long Drive, because here the road adapts to the terrain and has random turns and at the same time only keeps the path straight ahead. It is known that all this is generated using the world seed. Is it even possible to implement something like this on Godot Engine? All I got was just terrain generation, and I don’t have enough experience to create roads and adapt them to the terrain. Can anyone help or recommend anything?

Yes of course it is possible

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There is an addon for that in Godot 3.5

And here is one method explained for Godot 4:

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I already tried this method with CSGPolygon and path in version 3.5. I somehow managed to generate a curved road and use random seeds, but I don’t have the experience to script the reading of vertices along the Y axis, and the road is built flat, without ups and downs like terrain.

Here’s example screenshot:

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