is it good to start coding with C++

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By parsa88

hello! im a beginner , is it good to start creating 2d games with C++? i know what is c++ but i didnt worked with it before and im new to coding and making video games

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: godot_dev_

I’d recommend any programmer to learn C++. In my opinion, if you have solid C++ fundamentals, you can easily pick up any language since the program concepts should be similar. However, if your goal is to make a quick simple game, then learning C++ might be overkill and be too much of a time investment.

good to know, thank you and my goal isnt making a quick simple game, its actually making a 2d scary genre game with a story. so its good to learn c++ while developing a video game in godot, right?

parsa88 | 2023-01-17 15:46

I am not sure if C++ can be directly applied to Godot, but I think learning it could help you with getting familiar with Godot programming concepts. If you already know other languages, then my recommendation would lessen, since Godot is a high level language and you don’t need to worry too much about memory management

godot_dev_ | 2023-01-17 15:51

once again thank you for your opinion ! i hope that you have a great day.

parsa88 | 2023-01-17 15:55

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: jgodfrey

Based on your described situation, I would NOT recommend that you start creating games with C++. Sure, it’s a popular and quite powerful language, but it has lots of dark and complex corners and comes with a steep learning curve. If your main goal is to “start creating 2D games” there are MUCH simpler languages that will get you there with much less effort. In the Godot world, that’d be GDScript. It’s a much easier / friendlier language than C++ and will be all you need to accomplish your goals.

If you have broader goals than “creating 2D games” and you want to learn a more “universal” language at the same time, I’d recommend C# instead of C++. Many game engines allow you to develop in C# (including Godot and Unity). It’s also a very popular language in the software engineering world and is considerably friendlier than C++.

I certainly don’t want to discourage you from learning C++, but I think trying to start with it, for your stated goals, is a recipe for confusion and maybe ultimate failure. Start simpler (GDSCript or possibly C#). Then, once you’ve become familiar with development in general, you can better judge whether you have the need or desire to take on the complexities C++.

you do have a good point, after some research about c++ after i asked this question, i think that its better to start with GDSCript and work my way up, so thank you for your advice and i hope that you have a great day!

parsa88 | 2023-01-17 16:37