Is it just me that @godotengine twitter account got nuked?


Is inaccessible for me. Does it happen to someone else as well

If it shows that then the account is gone.
Some accounts you can follow for Godot tweets.

Twitter thinks that the account belongs to a person that’s less than 13 years old, so they blocked the account (super reasonable, I know).
It will be back whenever they decide to check the appeal. Not the first time it happens, but first time it happened to us.

I guess firing most of your staff gets you to this sort of situations, rampant bot usage and legitimate accounts wrongly suspended.


The account seems to be back and it will slowly restore to the previous state.

This is a good reminder on why we made spaces like this one. Being in control of the platforms we use to communicate is extremely important. Make sure to follow us on mastodon Godot Engine :godot: ( - Gamedev Mastodon or here :slight_smile: