Is it possible to add a "modifier + key" event to an action inside _input at runtime?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ryanrom5

Hello Everyone,

I’ve successfully implemented a keybindings menu for the player in my game. They are able to select from a list of predefined actions and assign any key/gamepad button they wish to that action.

However, the functions I’ve used to create this functionality, like: “action_add_event(action, event)” assign only one event to the action. Is there a function that will help me assign (for ex) “Shift + W” to an action?

I know I can manually assign “Modifier + key” directly to the Input Map myself, and I can also manually check is_key_pressed() through code, but both of these solutions won’t allow for the player to choose their own keybindings because it either forces the modifier key to the action, and/or relies on the default map I give them from the start.

Are there any hidden techniques or secret functions that can help with this?
Thanks in advance!