Is it possible to be a Godot freelancer?

Hey everyone! I’ve been a software engineer for about 4 years now, and I recently came to the conclusion that my job doesn’t suit my desired goals for my career in the future. I’ve been learning a lot of different skills in my free time and one of them happens to be using the Godot engine to build games. I instantly fell in love with this engine and I really want to start pursuing a career using it. The problem is that I know how relatively small the market is compared to Unity or Unreal Engine. So I wanted to ask the opinion of more experienced game developers here if Godot is a viable option in the freelance market? If so, how can I get started as a beginner?

Yupp, of course its possible. Will most likely take a bit of work just like starting any other business.

I personally have side gigs using Godot. One is teaching beginners programming (using Godot 4) and teaching beginners how to use Godot 4 in general.

You’ve got sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance. You can make an account on there and get started for free. From personal experience, I would leave Godot out of the equation from the perspective of your clients. For example, instead of saying “I’ll make you things using Godot!”, just say “I can make you what you want.” and just use Godot. I think you increase your chances of finding work that way.


Thanks for the tips! Do clients usually not care what tools you use? I’m assuming that they would read in my description that I only know Godot and be inclined to ask about it

Usually people want ‘results’ or a ‘product’. So unless they specifically want a project they can extend, which means they will using Godot themselves, then they probably won’t care what you use to make the thing for them. Of course though, it depends on what you are offering, and what you want to brand yourself as.

Better to brand yourself as “I can make things” than “I can make things with Godot”. Thats just my personal perspective though.

And ya know, be honest with them for sure, but nobody needs to know what you use if you don’t want them to and you aren’t lying obviously.

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I know that some companies in the godotsphere have some requirement around c++ and engine contributions in your portfolio.

I do think in order to make bigger games with Godot, c++ is a requirement.

I’d say the best way to start is to co-develop game with someone. For example, I will be raising a friends & family round in Jan/Feb and after that I’d love to hire a dev so I can switch to game direction & business tasks. If the round succeeds, I’ll probably be posting here looking to find a co-founder dev.

Pay will vary. But even if it’s free, you can work with sweat equity, i.e. help others if you see someone working on a cool game and ask for % of sales. Higher risk/higher potential reward. Obviously depends on your risk tolerance/situation…

Well I’m trying it, so I guess we’ll see how it goes.