Is it possible to develop multi-user XR apps for Android mobile phones using Godot XR?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By age_apache

Is it possible to develop multi-user XR apps for Android mobile phones, say by using Android NDK+Monado+Godot XR? What are the missing pieces, if any, to enable XR app development for Android mobile phones using Godot XR?

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The official post might help you out:


Wider Headset & Platform Support

OpenXR is now embedded in the engine’s core, so you no longer need a plugin to build your XR projects. OpenXR action maps allow you to bind inputs and outputs on various types of XR controllers to named actions. All major PC headsets that work through SteamVR, Oculus, or Monado are supported on Windows and Linux.

If your project is destined for Android devices, an official plugin extends support for the Meta Quest and PICO 4 VR headsets. You can also already use the Magic Leap 2 headset, OpenXR-compliant HTC headsets, and the new Lynx R1 AR headset though support for these is still being fine-tuned.

If you’re building XR games or apps for the browser, you’ll be happy to know that Godot 4.0 supports WebXR.

Godot XR Tools

Thanks to the work of our XR contributors, Godot 4 allows you to accelerate development on your XR projects. With Godot XR Tools which you can find in the asset library, you now have access to a well-documented toolkit that puts many popular XR mechanics at your disposal. You can start with the project template and use the toolkit to add components to move around in VR space, display hands that synchronize with the player’s controllers, grab objects, etc.

Contributor Teddybear082 has used Godot XR Tools to implement VR ports of various open-source projects. This shows how easy it is to use. Check out his port of the highly successful Cruelty Squad!

In upcoming Godot 4 releases, you can look forward to a new player controller that makes it easier to drop XR support into an existing first-person game.

I assume by multi-user you mean some sort of networked game. Godot 4 has improved how we make networked game. Check our their post:

Thank you for your detailed answer.

The XR related link you provided either talks about support for specific VR headsets or specific platforms(in case of Monado it is Windows and Linux).

What I am interested in understanding is whether Godot XR can be used with off-the-shelf Android mobile phones coupled with Google Cardboard like headsets. If it is possible, then please could you point me to some documents or tutorials that provide information on how to achieve that?

I assume by multi-user you mean some sort of networked game.

Yes, something like multi-player networked games but more specifically like Google Cloud Anchors or Geospatial API that is specific for multi-user XR applications where multiple users from across the world can join the same XR session.

age_apache | 2023-03-04 09:44