Is it possible to get tilemap tiles that has higher y-sort that certain position?

works great!

extends TileMap

@export var player: Player
var wall_layer = 1
var player_coords: Vector2i
var cells_alpha = {}
func _tile_data_runtime_update(layer, coords, tile_data):
	tile_data.modulate.a = cells_alpha.get(coords, 1.0)
#Warning: Make sure this function only return true when needed. 
#Any tile processed at runtime without a need for it will imply a significant performance penalty.
func _use_tile_data_runtime_update(layer, coords):
	return cells_alpha.has(coords)

func _process(delta):
	player_coords = local_to_map(player.global_position)
	var coords = get_used_cells(wall_layer)
	for coord in coords:
		print("coord:{0}, player:{1}".format([coord.y, player_coords.y]))
		if coord.y >= player_coords.y:
			cells_alpha[coord] = 0.3
			cells_alpha[coord] = 1.0

Running the code in process worry me a bit but its good to know that this is possible. Thank you