Is it possible to use custom noise in NoiseTexture?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By aXu_AP

I wonder if it’s possible to have NoiseTexture use a custom-defined noise instead of OpenSimplexNoise. I tried inheriting OpenSimplexNoise and overriding get_image and get_seamless_image:

extends OpenSimplexNoise
class_name CustomNoise

export var brightness := 1.0

func get_seamless_image(size : int) -> Image:
	var img =
	img.create(size, size, false, Image.FORMAT_L8)
	for x in size:
		for y in size:
			img.set_pixel(x, y, Color(brightness, brightness, brightness))
	return img

And it works, kind of, but not actually. I can choose it in editor as a noise source for NoiseTexture and even see the added export value. However, the function calls aren’t overridden, resulting in original noise.

I know I could just make a script which creates images runtime, but I’d appreciate the possibility to preview it in the editor. In addition to that, NoiseTexture offers normal map creation, another feature I’d use.