Is MIT License Revocable?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By SpaceOmega5000

I hope this is not to offend anyone on here. I personally am studying what license truly feels free and a sense of ownership to the point that law could protect it (e.g. section 117 of the copyright limitations). And while I’ve heard that some open source licenses do mention “irrevocable”, the MIT license does not. So I wonder if anyone truly know? I’ve researched this but results come kind of mixed maybe.

I kinda doubt it will try to be changed as an attempt to take away the permission for older versions of the software, but to have the feeling that it might or can does indeed bother me.

I would think that, once the license is accepted by both parties, is almost irrevocable, unless there was some other reason for revoking it (e.g. one party lied to the other). Then again, I’m not a legal expert, and so you’d probably need to ask an expert in copyright law (maybe look to the Software Freedom Conservancy for resources on such laws).

Ertain | 2019-07-10 00:12