Is the tile editor workflow extremely painful, or am I missing something?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Polymorphic_nw

I’ve used a fair number of tile editors in my day, and Godot’s implementation is bordering unusable for me. I love the engine itself and would love to continue using it just for the design of the APIs alone, but if I have to continue on with this tile editor, I may have to switch to another engine (I came from Unity and GameMaker–Unity was a little overkill for my project, and GameMaker’s coding experience has always been difficult because GML lacks basic fundamentals of normal programming languages). I understand the tile editor is being worked on, but I’m not sure the proposal really fixes all the workflow issues.

  1. Fixing and testing Autotile bitmaps involves a lengthy set of UI clicks: Click node → Tile set → Select from list → Find the group (why is there no list? Why do I have to find it graphically, which is hard when they’re overlapping?) → fix the bitmap → click node → click the pencil because it has been cleared for some reason → test the tile to see if it works. In the process of testing, you have to completely leave the tile editor altogether, forcing you to travel back through the whole process to get there. Am I missing something? This workflow adds hours to the process and could be fixed by pinning certain screens. This goes not just for editing bitmaps, but for anything in the tile editor and having to test it.
  2. Setting up groups of tiles to begin with (single tiles, autotiles, atlases, etc) is a nightmare in general. The process rarely leaves me with a good understanding of what I have selected, causing me to constantly undo and requiring me to test, which causes the same frustration as #1.
  3. Why can’t I rename the items in the tile painter? When certain items are very similar, it becomes very difficult to discern between “MyPNGName.png 23” vs “MyPNGName.png 74”. If I’ve missed this functionality, I’d love to know how to do it because I don’t see it yet.
  4. I think there is a bug when selecting large numbers of tiles to create a tile group, such as when creating an atlas out of the entire sprite sheet, but I wanted to make sure I’m not just misunderstanding how it works. If you click and drag over the tiles and it causes a scroll, it only selects some of the tiles above the scroll. It’s either a bug, or I’m misunderstanding how it works.
  5. No layers, which clutters up the node with illogically grouped items (though I understand this is being worked on in the update).
  6. edit Why is there no way to click on a tile, then find it in the tile set editor? Any time you have to edit anything related to tiles, you have to go through the series of clicks mentioned in step 1.

If I’ve misunderstood any of this functionality, I would love to be proven wrong and put in my place! Overall I think Godot has a bright future and I can’t wait for the tile editor to get on par with GMS2.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Calinou

The TileMap and TileSet editors will be remade in a future Godot release:

In the meantime, you could use Tiled or LDTK with the godot-tiled-importer add-on.