Is there a way to completely block a person?

I know that you can “mute” someone on the forum, but is there a way of completely blocking them and not seeing their posts?

Have you tried this? thought it was like Block

I’m a user on another Discourse site and they have an “Ignored” section right above the “Muted” section (Preferences → Users as in the pic above) which says:

Suppress all posts, messages, notifications, personal messages, and chat direct messages from these users.

Maybe it just needs to be enabled for this site?

@winston-yallow would know!

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It would be great if we added this. Thanks for the input everyone!

This should be enabled by default, and I can see it:


To get there:

  • click on the user
  • in the top right you have a menu, click on “Normal”
  • select the “Ignored” options

Oh interesting. That’s not the place I was talking about; I guess there’s multiple ways to do it.

Here’s what it looks like in the Preferences on the other site I use Discourse on:

I don’t see that Ignored section here on the Godot forums.

Huh, interesting. I didn’t know about that section and can’t find any setting related to it :thinking:

Here’s the version it’s using (from the HTML):

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 3.2.0.beta5-dev - version e409fabf8d02ec64f755f144ec815c80e576b618">

Which is pretty much the same as what you’re using here:

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 3.2.0.beta4-dev - version 8e373bc167e5099a527e4fb9aef59eeb6140fd13">

I searched a bit for more info and it looks like the pref has been there for several years at least.

In that post he mentions hiding the Ignored section with CSS - so maybe it’s a theme thing?

I’ll investigate this more on Monday. If this is a CSS thing, then we can adjust it in our custom theme.

It shouldn’t be related to the discourse version, but we do have an update scheduled anyway:

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This is mysterious.

This comment seems to imply that the solution you posted wasn’t supposed to be the way to do it; you were supposed to go to the (missing) user prefs to do it. They clearly gave in and changed that at some point.

When I go to a user card (not yours Winston since you’re an admin who can’t be ignored :laughing:), I don’t see Ignored in the dropdown:

I wonder if this is a user role/privileges setting?

Indeed it is. I will need to create a second non-admin account to test this.

You are probably right that it is a role/privilege setting. However, I did not find the setting yet :sweat_smile: