is there a way to import a spine (esoteric software) animation to godot3.1?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By gruen

Yeah like the title :slight_smile:

i ve created an animation for an Playerobjekt and would like to add it into my Godot Projekt.
ive found an spine module, but cant get it to run and it also contains bugs ive read.
so im wondering if there is an elegant way to import such an animation without dozen of subimages.
if you export an spine project you can generate an atlas file and a json file.

i hope someone of you is using spine too

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: avencherus

Not in the official builds, and they likely never will, as the core is aimed to be small with the intention of something like GDNative to allow developers to include third party code as needed.

If you’re comfortable with doing your own builds, there is a third party module out there that can be used in a custom build: GitHub - GodotExplorer/spine: Spine module for godot game engine

I haven’t had time yet to try it out, but at a glance it seems it doesn’t fully implement all the features available in the runtime libraries.

Esoteric developers have been alluding to an official runtime, though not much progress in months since. I think the intention may be to use GDNative, which should allow you to incorporate the runtime in a project without rebuilding.