Is There a Way to Stop People from Decompiling?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By IronStudios

I plan on adding a whole bunch of secrets to my game and you can unlock them by making different choices or finding different items leading to different endings and ‘side-quests’.
The problem is the ability to decompile games, like people trying to find unused or hidden assets in my game, I don’t want people to do that, but it’s very easy to do with the .pck files.
Is there a way to stop this or are my assets pretty much open to anyone who own my game and know what engine I’m using?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Merlin1846

Use the encryption tool provided in the export section. Besides if people want to ruin their fun then let them you will never be able to stop everyone, what you can do is deter them. Most people are too lazy and the moment they see something that isn’t a .txt file they’ll stop.

Even the biggest of the biggest companies have these problems and theirs really no way to stop it besides making your own OS but even then people will find a way, like I said all you can really do is make it harder and deter them, just focus on making your game and deal with this when you’re ready to release.

Also as for those unused assets, if your going to lock down your game to try to keep people from finding them then why keep them in the game, their just increasing download sizes, which if your planning to export to mobile is a massive factor in how much your game will be played, its not as big of a thing on PC but it is still a thing.

Thanks for your help!
Also, what I meant by “people trying to find unused or hidden assets in my game” doesn’t mean I do have unused assets, it’s just a reason people (like TetraBit) might do it, I would never keep those kinds of assets in my game like you said it just increases the game’s download size.

IronStudios | 2022-01-12 20:40